Group Workshops


Looking to bring your team together? Solve conflict? Become more productive?

TeamTools workshops combine world class lesson plans with experienced coaches to bring real results.

All workshop participants get a complimentary one-year subscription to TeamTools.


TeamTools Workshop:

Soft Skills

Half day
In person
Up to 30 attendees
  • Identifying your unique behaviors
  • Responding to others
  • Understanding your group dynamics
  • Developing your soft skills
TeamTools Course:

Foundations of Leader Skills

This innovative course equips managers with the skills they need to become commitment-based leaders. Attendees leave this course with three key tools:


Leadership Readiness

Team Leader Effectiveness

Team Maturity


TeamTools Workshop:

Soft Skills for Virtual Teams

Half day
Up to 30 attendees
  • Learning your unique tendencies
  • Understanding others contextually
  • Predicting meeting success
  • Improving communication long-term

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