We are MocaWorks!

We build software that helps businesses create better human experiences. We’re all about putting people first, so we wanted to create a Privacy Policy that is simple and easy to read.

We take privacy very seriously. Before we get into the legal stuff, we want to be clear about our principles:

  • We understand how intimate and private some of the information we collect can be. We hope to be as transparent as possible about what we are collecting, and be clear about why we are collecting it.
  • For the most part, we only care about information that is relevant to your professional identity. We would collect your work email, for example, not your personal one.
  • We do not share your information with anyone we don’t directly have a business relationship with. We do not sell any of your information to advertisers or other companies. Yuck.
  • Information we do share is limited to providing or improving our services, as listed below.
  • You are able to know everything we have about you at any time.

Who Are We? Who Does This Policy Cover?

This policy covers everyone interacting with a MocaWorks product or service. This includes Tryyb (formerly KnowledgeVault) and TeamTools. This also includes all of our websites (mocaworks.com, tryyb.com, teamtools.com, knowledgevault.com), and our mobile applications.

Clients of MocaWorks will use our platform to collect information on clients or users of their own. We may provide services and assist our clients, but we do not have a direct relationship with our clients’ users. If you are an end user of a client of Mocaworks, you will need to deal with the client directly.

What information do we collect?

Personal Information You Give Us Directly

We collect all of the information you give us directly when using or expressing interest in our services. This can include information you provide via a form, information you provide over the phone, or information we collect from you in person. The most basic information we collect is first and last name, email, phone numbers, business information, but we may collect any number of things that become relevant.

Information We Collect Automatically

When you navigate our services, certain information is automatically collected. This does not reveal personal information, but can include information about your device, IP address, browser, operating system, and what services you are requesting. This type of data helps us maintain the operation of our services, and is used for internal analytics and reporting.

Cookies are an important part of how we collect this information.

Information We Collect From Other Sources

We may collect information from other sources, such public databases and platforms (like LinkedIn or company directories), or other third parties. Often this information comes from partners, or personal referrals. Or it could come from an integration to another service like a payment processor or social network.

How do we use your information

We use your information to provide our services to you. Either directly, in the case of fulfilling a request or contract with you, or indirectly in pursuit of legitimate business interest.

Here is a detailed list of everything we may do with data you provide:

  • Operate our services. At the most essential level, we need your information to provide our services, much of which is collecting your information so you can access it later and share it with others.
  • Detect and resolve problems. Your usage information may be used to detect when problems occur with our services. We may also need to contact you to notify you about issues, or seek to rectify them.
  • Improve our services. Your usage information helps us know what parts of our services are most effective, and where to focus our time and investments.
  • Promotional Emails. We may use your personal information to send you emails or other marketing communications. These emails may be sent directly, or through a third party marketing software. You can opt-out of these emails at any time.
  • Administrative Emails. We may use your personal information to send you product or service alerts, relevant to your usage.
  • Targeted Advertising. We may use your information to design and run advertisements, tailored to what we know about you.
  • For other business purposes. We reserve the right to use your information for other purposes not listed above. Whenever possible, we only use and store this information in aggregated and anonymized formats to keep your identifiable personal information secure.

When do we share your information?

We are very cautious about sharing your information – we understand the trust users give us to be stewards of their information. Here are the situations we feel warrant sharing your information with third parties:

  • Consent. We will process your data for its intended purpose when you request it from us or our services.
  • Legal Obligation. We will share your information where legally obliged to with relevant law enforcement or legal bodies, such as in response to a court order or subpoena.
  • Security interests. We may share information when we believe it is necessary to prevent fraud, or protect the safety and security of our platform and its users.
  • Legitimate Interests: We reserve the right to share your information in any situation where we feel it is a necessary and reasonable step to achieve our mutual business objectives.

Who do we share your information with?

Business Partners

We deal directly with trusted business partners, such as independent consultants who resell our services. We share information with them, as needed.

Processing Services

We are particular about the services and partners we choose to share information with. To be fully transparent, provided is a complete list of third party services we use to process data.


Google Ads, Facebook Audience Network, LinkedIn Audience Network

Lead Management & Communication

Hubspot CRM, Hubspot Email

Web Services and Optimization

Google Fonts, Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer, UserVoice

How long do you keep your information?

Unless we have an ongoing business relationship, we do not intend to keep your data for long periods of time. We will make our best effort to delete or anonymize any information retained past a year.

Do we process information from minors?

We do not intentionally market or offer services to anyone under 18 years of age. By using our services, you represent that you are at least 18 years old, or that you are a parent and have given consent to your dependent’s use of our services. If we learn that learn that information has been collected by minors, we will take reasonable measures to deactivate or delete the information. If you are aware of any such data, please notify us at privacy@mocaworks.com

What Privacy Rights do I have?

Users from certain regions have specific rights enumerated to them by law. We want to comply with all relevant laws as best as possible. And we want to make these rights as universal as possible to all users.

As provided by rules in California, you have a right to request a copy of your personal information, as well as a listing of everyone it has been shared with. We are obliged to provide this report at least once a year, free of charge.

We do not actively market to or seek customers in the EU. However, we will comply with rights provided under the European Economic Area. Namely, the rights to request a copy of your personal information, request a fix or deletion to your personal information, or restrict who can process your information. You also have a right to contact your relevant supervisory authority to make a complaint if you believe we are in violation of any of your rights: http://ec.europa.eu/justice/data-protection/bodies/authorities/index_en.htm

But regardless of your explicit privacy rights, we will do our best to provide all relevant information, wherever applicable, whenever requested, regardless of your geographic location.

What happens if there is a data breach?

Any unauthorized access to personal information constitutes a data breach, whether directly through our own services or that of a third party. Our first response when we become aware of a data breach will be to seriously investigate the incident and apply all reasonable mitigations and responses. If we unable to eliminate the possibility of harm to our clients (financial, mental, physical, or otherwise) as a result of the breach, we will promptly notify our affected clients as well as the applicable authorities no later than 72 hours after our knowledge of it.

What is your stance on cookies or do-not-track features?

Cookies are an essential part of the services we provide. We rely on the behavior of most web browsers accepting cookies by default. However, we support any users who choose to block or not accept cookies. We only warn you that doing so may affect certain features and services.

Some browsers have support for Do-Not-Track, a feature designed to signal your preference for privacy. Unfortunately, there is no uniform standard for how to react based on a Do-Not-Track signal, and responding to such a signal would likely lead to a confusing and less transparent experience. As such, MocaWorks has no plans yet to support such a feature.

Who can we contact about this policy, or make requests about the data Mocaworks has collected?

Please send any requests to privacy@mocaworks.com. You can also call our main customer service line at 1-888-428-0408. Or by post to:

Mocaworks, LLC

13023 NE Highway 99

Suite 7 Box 171

Vancouver, WA 98686

United States